Conference description Medical Apps

Smartphones and tablet PCs are part of the clinical daily routine since a while.
Patient charts could be called up mobile, screens and reports could be seen and the communication of the hospital staff could be improved with small programms and applications.

On the market are tools available which become blood pressure meter and blood sugar meter or even an ECG in combination with an iPhone by now. Important questions come up besides all the obvious benefits of the mobile systems.

Mobile devices that are used in hospitals for therapy and diagnostics are subjected to the Medicinal Devices Act and the Medical Products Operator Ordinance.

  • How need medical apps from the sector telemedicine and health telematics to be ranked in regulatory view?
  • When becomes a mobile device like a tablet PC a medical device?
  • What about the privacy and data security?
  • How is the patient's safety garanteed by using this mobile systems in a hospital?

We will respond to all this questions at the Medical Apps 2015 and analyse the legal and regulatory specifications. You get useful hints and support about the focusses of the conference in use cases and methodological reports.

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